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Lifshin, Lyn, 1942- 2
Alta 1
Bernstein, Charles 1
Blazek, Douglas 1
Blonstein, Anne, 1958-2011 1
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Brill, Kastle 1
Brossard, Nicole, 1943- 1
Broughton, James 1
Canan, Janine 1
Casamassima, Christophe 1
Chambers, Matthew 1
Chapman, Lee 1
Cocteau, Jean 1
Collins, Billy, 1941- 1
Crews, Judson, 1917- 1
Cuddy, Terry 1
Di Prima, Diane 1
Duncan, Robert, 1919-1988 1
Eigner, Larry, 1927-1996 1
Enslin, Theodore 1
Eshleman, Clayton 1
Federman, Raymond 1
Ferrini, Vincent, 1913-2007 1
Ford, Joan 1
Fritton, Christopher 1
Gander, Forrest 1
Genet, Jean 1
Gifford, Barry 1
Gunn, Thom 1
Ingersoll, Robert Green 1
Inman, Will 1
Irby, Kenneth 1
Johnson, Bonnie 1
Johnson, Kent 1
Kapil, Bhanu 1
Kelly, Robert, 1935- 1
Kerman, Judith 1
Kessel, Joyce 1
Kostritsky, Gyorgy 1
Laffitte, Jose 1
Laughlin, James 1
Lepper, Robert, 1906-1991 1
Levy, D.A. 1
Locklin, Gerald, 1941- 1
Lonidier, Lynn 1
Luster, Helen, 1913-1985 1
Mackey, Nathaniel, 1947- 1
Malanga, Gerard 1
Malone, Marvin 1
Mariah, Paul, 1937-1996 1
McDaniel, Wilma Elizabeth 1
Micheline, Jack 1
Moorhead, Andrea, 1947- 1
Moorhead, Robert 1
Nakayasu, Sawako 1
Nguyen, Hoa, 1967- 1
Norse, Harold, 1916-2009 1
Olson, John 1
Osman, Jena 1
Owens, Rochelle 1
Perchik, Simon 1
Perloff, Marjorie 1
Richmond, Steve 1
Robinson, Elizabeth, 1961- 1
Robinson, Lillian S. 1
Royer, Ric 1
Spahr, Juliana 1
Spicer, Jack 1
Tagett, Richard 1
Taggart, John, 1942- 1
Tarn, Nathaniel 1
Tassin, Sonia Denise 1
Thurston, Kevin 1
Voelcker, Hunce 1
Wantling, William 1
Weidman, Phil, 1936- 1
Weiner, Hannah 1
Wiebe, Dallas E. 1
Wilk, David, 1951- 1
Willoughby, Robin Kay 1
Yépez, Heriberto 1
Zuckerman, Ryki 1
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Chain Collection

Identifier: PCMS-0047
Overview The Chain collection contains material pertaining to the editorial business and production of Chain magazine from 1993-2004. Material includes correspondence and submissions, production material, printer invoices, and correspondence between the editors, Juliana Spahr and Jena Osman. Formats include printed email, correspondence, floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, and VHS.

Drafting Collection

Identifier: PCMS-0044
Overview The Drafting Collection contains correspondence and assemblage poetry submissions to Kevin Thurston from 1997-2006. Of particular note is the original artwork, poetry, manuscript material, and periodicals.

Earth's Daughters Collection

Identifier: PCMS-0057
Overview Earth's Daughters Collection, 1969-2015, contains materials related to the production of the magazine. The bulk of the material is submissions by poets. Other material includes correspondence, editorial business, financial records, grant applications, distribution records, production material, submission records, subscription records, art and ephemera.

First Intensity Collection

Identifier: PCMS-0041
Overview The First Intensity Collection contains the editorial correspondence for Lee Chapman's literary magazine from 1992 to 2007. Correspondence contains poetry submissions, page proofs, reviews, and articles from poets featured in First Intensity.

Martha King Collection

Identifier: PCMS-0083
Overview The Martha King Collection contains the editorial and business records for Giants Play Well In The Drizzle, including production material, correspondence, and financial records; materials related to the additional publication projects Northern Lights Poetry Chaplets Series, SpotS, and The Bubba Mesia; and personal records for Martha King including manuscripts, correspondence, and poetry...

Manroot / Paul Mariah Collection

Identifier: PCMS-0049
Overview The Manroot/Paul Mariah Collection contains the editorial and business records for Manroot including production material, correspondence, and financial records; personal records for Paul Mariah including manuscripts, correspondence, school work, poetry community ephemera; and activism records for gay and prisoners rights.

Osiris Collection

Identifier: PCMS-0050
Overview The Osiris Collection, 1972-2021, contains material related to the production of the magazine as well as Andrea Moorhead's personal career. The bulk of the material is correspondence. Other material includes business financial material and production material for Osiris; and manuscripts, correspondence, acceptance letters, and publications documenting Andrea Moorhead's poetry and translation career. Osiris is still an...

Small Press Collection

Identifier: PCMS-0035
Overview Records, pamphlets and catalogs relating to small presses in the United States, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere.

Wormwood Review Collection

Identifier: PCMS-0043
Overview The Wormwood Review Collection contains the editorial business records for Marvin Malone's Wormwood Review. Material includes editorial correspondence, manuscript submissions, production material, indices, and financial records. Collection also contains D.A. Levy correspondence and a small portion of Marvin Malone's personal records including photographs, family tree, and his first magazine, Bucolics and Cheromanics.