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UBPO Warde Manuel Reception

 Digital Collection
Identifier: b05391c0-b838-4f39-9ffb-2b72b450f3fa
Dates: Modified: 25 March 2012

UBPO_Pre-Commencement Dinner May 8, 2010 Photos-Nancy J. Parisi

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 62d59d9e-eb3f-4014-a301-d84e48cec4e8
Dates: Modified: May 2010

UBPO_Steve Roberts Reception 6

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 510a8b92-163c-4e3a-be54-58f4a6a0fcb5
Dates: Modified: June 2010

UB's Got It, circa 1990s

 Digital Work
Identifier: 23ad9e43-14cc-412e-87e5-6f0a77d835b0
Dates: Modified: 2010 July 9; Migrated: 2022

Uncrowned Queens Images

 Digital Collection
Identifier: c164e9cf-c7c9-4677-bab7-558eda0ee39c
Dates: Modified: 2005

Uncrowned Queens Web Biographies

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 29bdd986-48de-4adb-9de9-028d930a9bf6
Dates: 2005

University Honors College

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 032ddc68-362a-4878-aa06-3619674984e2
Dates: May 2020; Modified: 18 June 2020

University Honors College Commencement Video

 Digital Work
Identifier: 6c2b5ead-ca35-499d-8a35-781a979af8fa
Dates: May 14, 2020

University Libraries

 Digital Collection
Identifier: cd71e181-6017-42b7-a92e-9ad5727dd6d9
Dates: Modified: 3 October 2017

University of Buffalo Football Highlights, 1958-1959

 Digital Work
Identifier: 1b624f83-9678-4e22-b4aa-26f412ca8e79
Dates: Digitized: 2009; Migrated: 2018 December 5