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 Digital Collection
Identifier: 345bf47c-9ff9-4682-b2dd-000142173708

Service Pin Ceremony - 30 Year, June 11, 2008

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 7cf8e990-0bc1-44a2-b0f6-c8f304c2a245

Service Pin Ceremony - 40 Year, June 30, 2008

 Digital Collection
Identifier: ae502527-e8cf-4fc6-b913-d105863ae343

Service Pin Ceremony, May 22, 2007

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 7028f585-a5e9-4cbd-98de-bf6077911726

Session Laws - Alabama through Wyoming

 Digital Collection
Identifier: b4c685a1-c781-4d20-be3f-a3ee0a5fecc5

Shanghai Memoir

 Digital Work
Identifier: 2952971c-01e3-44a6-a0fa-cfbd376c8d60

Signing Ceremony, August 8, 2007

 Digital Collection
Identifier: c975b609-409a-48b5-934e-c8e78b86dd0b

Signing Ceremony, October 1, 2007

 Digital Collection
Identifier: a57f4f0c-75f1-49c8-91b1-40616bfcb667

Simus (Jason) SUNY Press Review

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 962f7b60-d3b6-4ff9-9eb9-ef7079b3c56c

Singapore Dinner, May 10, 2006

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 4abf05e7-d43a-4283-b33e-b5684fdc1f8d