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The Informed, Fall 2015

 Digital Work
Identifier: 5876f34d-6019-48cc-9b92-c33ca01ad654

The Informed, Fall 2016

 Digital Work
Identifier: ba220c72-f795-437a-9c9c-533a18daf5c8

The Informed, Fall 2017

 Digital Work
Identifier: 6e7a258c-20e8-43df-883e-bd1ad35f64eb

The Informed, Fall 2018

 Digital Work
Identifier: 162a0634-eb9f-4f06-9a16-1a299da0e5d0

The Informed, Fall 2019

 Digital Work
Identifier: ad0bd4b6-1a02-46a1-80cd-b17867e8cf5a

The Informed, Fall 2020

 Digital Work
Identifier: aff1ecf5-43d8-407b-9b7a-23652c41a2a6

The Informed, Fall 2021

 Digital Work
Identifier: 8b02388f-6e12-44d6-9ca5-f6bc9f705a5a

The International Association for Environmental Philosophy 2014

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 7a6a9a02-d3bd-459d-a003-b6d7beac28de

The International Conference on the Space for Ecoaesthetics and Ecocriticism

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 5afdbde6-57b5-47b2-aa70-5d7a49d57ff2

The Jewish Journal

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 212ee6fa-5940-446e-b369-01b8f3e666fd