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Statutes - Kentucky through Tennessee

 Digital Collection
Identifier: f9385ac8-0e5f-4c09-be9b-539f97922275

Statutes - Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New York

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 55b30649-600d-44d4-9b97-956313dfb756

Statutes - Montana through Wyoming

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 0a34a564-5fc7-40c9-9b01-05146d7c8457

Statutes - Nebraska through Wyoming

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 81046db7-4f48-48ad-83f6-ceb0903ff434

Statutes - Texas

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 077d1a3f-d1a5-4220-83cb-3d542c1a00e9

Stephen Brereton, Canadian Consul to US in Buffalo, June 30, 2009

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 59e49c2d-4859-4585-9ca2-247a8d0fa0cf

Stephen Colbert, April 4, 2008

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 271d6d6d-f853-4afc-9cd1-72d30ef91454

Steve Lopez, October 28, 2009

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 6ede4b3e-bad2-42a6-9bd3-7c435d36b21d

Steven Levitt, November 14, 2007

 Digital Collection
Identifier: e23d18fa-7109-43ab-98bb-22adb98f9c5b

"STOR" Awards (Science, Technology Transfer, and Economic Outreach), May 2004

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 99ce91d0-0169-4cc2-b672-e71024e47a52